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Originally Posted by WumpaFruit View Post
Oh gosh, ACen was lots of fun. >7<
I cosplayed as fem!Dean-Supernatural, Azula-Avatar the last airbender, and God Tier Jade- HOmestuck (no I'm not really a huge homestuck it was for a friend LOL)
Are you kids goin' ta Soycon? Or Anime Midwest?
I'll be doing BMO from Adventure Time (we have a fairly large group from what I understand) adn Beth from Bravest Warriors (also have a few otehr people from that) c:
I believe I seen you as Azula! It was really good

Once again, I need to be more active here >_< I was at Acen this year (first year whoot!) I was Korra (with glasses) on Friday and Seras Victoria on Saturday. Will return in the future for sure!

Galesburg is only 45 minutes from my house. It's good to see some more central-ish Illinois cosplayers
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