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Well those types of things are probably why they are still having it. But think about it, they want you to go elsewhere to talk about shoots. If anyone noticed, here is a bad place..Almost no one even goes to this subforum untill about 3-4 months before con..Where there has been quite a bit of shoots discussed on the scmb within the last 2 months then there will be on here EVER..They also want us to do all the shoot discussions on facebook..I don't think people understand how hard that will be..What happens if there becomes 100 shoot requests. The very first will end up being seen by who? Not that many people right? So what's gonna happen? Someone else will start it..And that will keep happening. Then, What happens if no one else can make it to that time slot? You can't DISCUSS a timeslot without a thread for everyone to easily spot right? So without photoshoots schedules there goes all the people that come JSUT for that. Then you have pannels..Same problem..You can't discuss them because after a little while, they will back way too far tfor someone to easily find. Now the attendees that go for just panels are gone because if you don't know what pannels there are, you aren't gonna prereg if that's all you go for..And let's face it, a lot of the people I know aren't impressed by the quests..I can't speak for everyone, but I know people who no longer want to attend for that reason alone. Now if you already don't go for guests, the other 2 reasons are reason enough to not even prereg. See where I'm going with this? I think, if ANYTHING, they should at least have the forums open with at least the photoshoot threads and the panel discussion threads. And if the forums price is ACTUALLY the problem, they should direct people straight to here. Where there ARE threads to discuss. But they won't..I already mentioned it and they didn't do it..
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