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They shut down the forums in order to stick with FB and Twitter since they felt the forums weren't being used enough. I for one am quite upset at the lack of notice and the lack of response from the con itself. They cut out a huge way to get questions answered (because come on, not all staff are bad. Few bad apples...), guest requests, cosplay competition questions, meet ups and cosplay questions (But those aren't official, so why should the con care?!), not to mention staff-only info which will not have to emailed to every staff instead of posted once for everyone to find. Which is going to hold yet ANOTHER issue. No info is going to be in one solid place for everyone to find. You'll have to dig for it on their FB or Twitter groups, which by the way I didn't even know about until tonight. Forums aren't useful, huh?

Frankly, it's a bad move from a good con. I won't give up on SC no matter how pissed I may get, and trust me I was shaking when I found out they shut down the forums and don't get me started on the staff at con this year and on the forums the last couple. But they've taken a big part of what I enjoy about this con: The community. It's going to near impossible to plan anything that's fan run and official and thus take a big part out of con if something doesn't change or they get their act together. They've taken the "fan" out of "for the fans, by the fans" and it's sad. I highly doubt they will change their minds sadly (Mira is seeming quite stubborn about the forums and of course 100% supports them being shut down...), but it's good to at least voice your concerns and let the con know that you're upset about it. They've posted an email on the main page. Be calm, be nice, and they'll be nice back. It'll be PR bs, but it's better than nothing, right?
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