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I feel your pain so much JT. There is much weird stuff going on tonight over this. I had several comments (none of them rude) deleted on the FB page! Seriously, for folks who said they'd love to hear our comments, they are sure doing a bad job of it with doing ridiculous censoring.

I've lost 9 years of memories that I'd been keeping in my inbox. I lost messages from my first boyfriend (who'd at the time been a staffer), and I lost messages from a friend of mine who is sadly deceased. I've lost feedback I've gotten on panels my cosplay group has done, and lost ideas that were sent to me about improving photoshoots that I run (Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Yu Yu Hakusho). Not being given any warning of any form is sickening, no matter what the stupid board of directors decided on.

I propose that we make this forum ALIVE again! Make this subforum be a worthwhile place to discuss the things we used to on SCMB and do the fun socializing stuff we did there... spread the word as much as we can, on Facebook, Tumblr, and abroad!
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