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Originally Posted by Kaze Saffire View Post
Akin to last year, the first goal took FOREVER to be scored. Signs of a very well played game.

To Team Pokemon. Elekid, it was awesome playing defense against you briefly. Sorry for talking crap >_> But if there's one thing I take pride in in any sport that involves it, it's defense. You were taking some mean shots at me when I was goalie too. I'll make you pay for that next year! And Chikorita, your grace and elegance was destroying me. Don't think I didn't hear you mention how I leave a huge chunk of the goal open though. I got your number! But seriously. It was a pleasure defending against you. As much as it kills me to say so ( for the sake of having to play like 9001 times harder <_< ) hope to see you again next year.

To the Digimon team, I'm sorry for letting those goals go by me. I can't put blame on anyone because that's not how you play on a team. If anything, as a goalie, I've gotta be ready for anything. I really had an awesome time being on defense briefly. I'd have liked to played it a bit longer, but Patamon was a goalie for 4 quarters in 2011 so I owed him for that. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the HELL out of being goalie ( had no voice to sing songs on my drive home. But totally worth it ) Sorry if I was being a bit too pushy/bossy/commandy. Being goalie put me in this weird zone. But if you'll all have me and we have a lack of goalies once again, I'm totally down for that. I'd like to thank the Ken and Tai who totally saved my two blunders with rally/game tying goals. And to the amazing Soccer Ken on defense with epic stops. We have ourselves a squad! Now if only we can get that Koji ( who will hopefully return as well ) to kick lower XD

Til next year!

Don't worry about the goals, at least we managed to rally in the fourth quarter to at least tie the game. And you can bet that Koji will be back next year. I already have been on his case for kicking the ball lower Xd. Anyway hope to see all of you again. I had a great time at the soccer game and at least I scored a goal as Ken...makes perfect sense XD
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