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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
Good luck, I hope it pays off for you. But yes, sarcasm-hime's advice was right on. While you have the right to compete at Novice, if you would feel uncomfortable there or feel like your overall skills are Journeyman level regardless of what went into this costume, then you're perfectly free to jump right to Journeyman. If you win anything major you won't be able to ever go back down, but sometimes, that's the way it rolls. I've known people who went straight to Master in their first competition just because that was their actual skill level. Awards don't always reflect how good you actually are.

And I've watched your work for a while, you're going to be just fine in Journeyman.
Ahhhhhhh thank you so much!! That means a lot to me coming from you. I more or less wasn't sure if I even had the right to enter as a Novice. If it was a bigger convention like ACen or AX, I think I would have wanted to stick with Novice (because yeah, fierce competition in the Novice category alone!), but for something like San Japan, I think it makes more sense to go in as a Journeyman given my experience. Thank you for your additional input on it and further confirming that Journeyman is what I should go for!
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