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Talking Hello from San Jose

Hey there my fellow fanatics ;D

I'm Cherry (actually my name lol) and I'm completely new to I guess you can say I'm quite new to cosplay too because I've never really cosplayed all that seriously--mostly just really casual stuff. But! I've fallen in love with it recently and I'd love to get to know more people who share my passions and like to nerd out and join some cosplay groups--overall just make lots of new friends!

I'm actually trying to get into Cosplay modeling as a sort of hobby, so I'd be more than happy to collaborate on projects

Talk t'mee! I love people haha!

Also if you live in the NorCal region, hollah at me cause we should totally be friends.

I'll also be moving to NYC in the fall for college (NYU!! AHH!!!) so I'll be there for NY Comic Con so definitely hit me up if you're in New York as well Actually, just anyone and everyone~ ))

xx Cherry
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