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Originally Posted by Kaze Saffire View Post
To the Digimon team, I'm sorry for letting those goals go by me. I can't put blame on anyone because that's not how you play on a team. If anything, as a goalie, I've gotta be ready for anything. I really had an awesome time being on defense briefly. I'd have liked to played it a bit longer, but Patamon was a goalie for 4 quarters in 2011 so I owed him for that. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the HELL out of being goalie ( had no voice to sing songs on my drive home. But totally worth it ) Sorry if I was being a bit too pushy/bossy/commandy. Being goalie put me in this weird zone. But if you'll all have me and we have a lack of goalies once again, I'm totally down for that. I'd like to thank the Ken and Tai who totally saved my two blunders with rally/game tying goals. And to the amazing Soccer Ken on defense with epic stops. We have ourselves a squad! Now if only we can get that Koji ( who will hopefully return as well ) to kick lower XD

Til next year!
Don't beat yourself up too much! Being goalie is hard! (I'd never want to do it). Gotta keep an eye on those shots from the corners. But it's not just the goalie's job-- defense has to protect the goal too! You can always count on me to have your back on defense!

But seriously guys, we did an excellent job keeping up with the Pokemon team! I can't believe we made a comeback and managed to end the game in a tie! Congrats to everyone, cuz we're all winners this year! We'll see you again next year, Pokemon team!

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