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Originally Posted by MDA View Post
I wasn't looking for critique on the editing. Was looking more on composition, if they're interesting... now I know why I never post for critiques.
To be fair, you didn't specify. You mentioned your editing and did not clarify that you were focused more on comp than on the editing. Also, a critique is a critique regardless of the subject matter and should be taken into consideration.
This one has really good composition, though the red is blinding to me.
I can't say that these shots really "wow" me, mostly because of the simplistic and repetitive poses and shots. You have a lot of shots that show him with his hand up, and shots that just bizarre me, if that's what you were going for. Also, some of these are too dark. But again, i'm getting into editing I suppose. I'd try playing more with background, angles, and poses. There's not enough variation. Hope this helps.
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