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(LOL, kinda late, but oh well)
Name of product: "Lolita 722 wig aka Sindi"
Color ordered: #1 dark black
Pros: (undetermined)
Cons: The "Sindi" wig in the pictures they use on their website looks like the wig would be long enough to touch my collar bones, if not go past them a little. ( However, after I ordered it, I looked at some customer photos and the wig was much shorter than what the original photos showed. ( The customer photos look like the wig is barely touching their collar bones, if not at all. Kinda disappointed, but I can take some of the blame for not looking at the customer photos before buying it, but they really should adjust their photos because it's slightly false advertising.
Problems so far: I ordered this wig about 22 days ago. Because I don't have a credit card (for dept purposes) I had to pay with a money order. It does say on their site: "can take 2-3 weeks for us to receive (a money order)" I checked my order status online and it says they haven't received it yet (although, they should have received it by now). My problem is that last week I sent them an email saying that I was concerned about my money order taking so long, and they haven't replied back yet. (Today I sent them another.)

(I'm planing on updating my post when, and if, my wig comes in.)
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