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Originally Posted by Gingersweet View Post
I can't really see MYSELF cosplaying them, but I'd be so ridiculously happy if I ever came across any of the main characters from the Black Jewels Trilogy.

Jaenelle, Daemon, Surreal, Lucivar.... Oh the fangirl in me would burst from happiness. :3
Originally Posted by GraelynRose View Post
If I didn't have so many costumes I would like to do, I would do Jaenelle. Might add that to my list though. Still, I'd like to cosplay characters from the Wheel of Time, Song of Ice and Fire, and Sword of Truth series first.
So I know this was written ages, ago, but still...^^"

I've read the series multiple times (I read it twice a year), and my dreamcosplay has been Jaenelle for a VERY long time!
I not only want to do the widow's web gown described in Heir to the Shadows, but Mother Night, I want to to Witch as well.
I have never wanted to do a cosplay as much as them.

I've drawn and painted a concept art gown for the dress Morghann wears when she first appear (the autumn woods in motion dress), but I have now fallen in love with the way it looks on my paining, and that exact pattern/colour combination doesn't exist

But I WILL one day have the money (and mayhaps the skills) to cosplay Lady Jaenelle Angelline in her Widow's web gown, complete with scepter and Black/Ebony Jewels
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