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Cool Toronto Promstuck (Homestuck Prom) 2013

Toronto Promstuck will be taking place on August 31st at the Central YMCA Auditorium in Toronto.

The evening's theme is Prospit & Derse. The event will be a bit casual in atmoshphere, but semi-formal in attire. We encourage everyone attending to dress up nice and enjoy an evening of dancing and dining.

Advanced tickets will be $20 each (fees are not included in this price) and will be available for purchase until August 17th, 2013. Payments are accepted via paypal or by mail-in cheque or money order. At-Door tickets will be $25 and are subject to availability. There will only be a total of 100 tickets for the event.

Tickets may be sold in-person at various Toronto Homestuck events over the summer. Check out the event page on Facebook to see when you can purchase tickets in-person.

Purchase tickets at:

* Toronto Promstuck is not affiliated with Torontostuck, Eatonstuck, or Ontariostuck. It is an event being independently hosted by people who simply want to host a fancy Homestuck party.

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