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Name of

Website/ gallery: Miccostumes

Character commissioned and series/video game: Elizabeth's wig from Kuroshitsuji

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: They had about 6 pictures of the wig. I knew that the first pictures, (the one with the model ) is not accurate because the picture was not consistent with the others on the website, but it's looks exactly like their last 3 pictures but only colorwise. the wig was actually unstyled but it did have the longish hair and it really looked good on me

Timeline: March 27 to June 12

Describe your Experience: It was decent. At first I gave them the wrong deadline then I corrected it. They got back with me within a day, was worried because the tracking number did NOT work (but after a week apparently it did) took a week to process and a week and a few days to get to me

Pros: Love the wig!!!, the wig fits my head perfectly (I'm on the small side of heads). I was glad that the color was accurate, because I chose this wig because 1 it's the cheapest one with the right color for my skin tone. (asian skin tone so ashy blonde will not due.)

Cons: Usps took a week to track it so it got me worried. the picture has the wig styled and the actual wig is not.

Final Grade: EDIT: Change grade from B+ to C. The clip thingy for the wig broke after a few use and (broke when I was touching it not even putting it on) the bands are coming apart... it's decent, useable. just not something I would buy again.

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