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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
Wait, then what kind of battle system did FFXII have?
Yea basically what UNIT0918 said. It wasn;t really "real time" as you still had to wait for an atb style thing before you could attack. There really wasn't a "combo" system like there is in XV. In XF you can mash the attack button and hit more then once or twice, where in XII, you really couldn't. The other thing I hated about XII though....If you were accross the map from your enemy, and swing, "ah, of course, they are too far, so I missed", but in the same situation, a wolf can scratch, about 40ft away from you, and they never miss..Somehow..That was completely unfair. It seems you can easily (if timed right, like any game with real time) dodge an oncoming attack. Kinda like on kingdom hearts where you get dodge roll so you can roll out of the way and not get hit..It just makes the game more "fair" for the player.
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