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Hey, to keep fuller for longer try:
-Drinking lots of water (little sips regularly, not one big binge)

-Protein-based snacks (keep you satiated)
Protein keeps you fuller for longer (vs carbs). Try snacking on lean meats like chicken or fish (if you're an omnivore)...

-Increasing fiber intake in meals
You can get plenty of fiber from fruits and veg.

-Fat-based snacks
Now fat's a bit of a controversial topic, but you can't go wrong with healthy fat sources like avocado. I have eggs with extra virgin olive oil layered on top. Fat keeps you full and in its purest form isn't that bad or even is great for your health/fat loss!

And remember cutting calories isn't about not eating (as you mentioned), it's about cutting the fattening foods we eat too much of the time. So replace these sweets with filling snacks (like mini-meals) and you'll be causing less fat storage to happen in your body!
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