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Give props, shout out to your roomies, compliment that crazy dancer you saw who know you were from an obscure series...just share the love!

I'd personally love to give a few. First of all, to my roomies Garen, MikuKenetc...Jason...Justin. Thanks for making my con great. the right or wrong roommates can ruin any con. Secondly, to my bff and the other half of most of my cosplays this con. Sorry I was snippy for a good part of the weekend, and thanks for putting up with me!

To the various people who recognized me as Molly/Osaka Naru and Trowa Barton . I'm glad I brought back a bit of your Sailor Moon and GW childhood!

To the various artists in AA especially the girl with all the oldschool pins, and the one with the Hunter X Hunter made my day. I also adored Senshistocks booth and of course Bee-chaaan!

I love everyone who participated in the dating games...both sets and I'd like to give some e-hugs to the awesome Doctor and Sora who I ended up with as Molly in the All-Ages dating game...and the Leon(I believe) who I didn't pick...much love to the Big Macintosh who's Bachelor (Quatre) I stole at the end of the 18+ as Trowa...she's blind without her glasses so I needed to get them to her.

Also a big hug and squeeze to the awesome dating game staff who made it happen!(and of course the rest of the overworked and underappreciated Anext staff)

Last but certainly not least I'd like to shout out to everyone who participated in the Pokemon VS Digimon soccer match. Thank you for keeping this awesome event alive and giving your all on the field. <333 This is for Pokemon and Digimon and your friends soccer cosplays were epic! Tai, Ken and Kari, way to score them goals! Of course it'd be the soccer goggle head, his little sister and the genius soccer player right XD way to play Chikorita too holycrap you looked like you were dancing on the field half the time. were a beast at goal and so was Patamon, masaru you were awesome too, don't worry about the goals! Everyone else was awesome too!

and of course Hina for running the event wonderfully every year!
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