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All the Misas I ran into while I was cosplaying Light/L
All the people who came to my panel
All the Yu Yu Hakusho cosplayers I ran into
My chicken tender luncheon buddies
Anybody who was dancing on the floor at the Doubletree bar at night


One guy who came up to me and knew who I was without me being with anybody else from Magi
All the Morgianas who were happy to see me as Masrur outside the shoot
The one Alibaba ( Garen if I'm not mistaken ) and Judal ( Electro - Rabu ? ) who were excited to see a fellow Magi cosplayer outside/before the shoot
Fem Sinbad!


The one person who got who I was trying to be because of my digivice ( which I took pride in making ) although he totally put me on noob status by telling me I was posing wrong >_>
Everyone who showed up to the soccer game, both new and old people ( I thought my troubles were gone with a missing Brock, but then a wild Chikorita and Elekid appeared. NOT cool <_< ) Despite losing the crowd/players, we played with the same amount of intensity/sportsmanship all the way through. And as always, I can't wait until next year.

Katsucon 20:

Thursday: Hamtaro
Friday - Default Alibaba Salujah
Fog Troupe Alibaba Salujah

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