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I'd like to thank all my friends that I saw and hung out with during AnimeNEXT, including Crono (Zubban), my Air Gear group/friends (Kiro, KillerWhaleCake, and several others), North Jersey Anime and Manga meetup group, and several others (Ben R.). It's always great hanging out with you guys, especially during conventions. I always remember the times several years back when I went alone to cons and wasn't able to interact with anyone. I'm glad to know that I don't have to go alone to these conventions.

I'd also like to thank those that recognized who I was cosplaying, especially when I was cosplaying as Genis Sage. To tell you the truth, I was actually a bit surprised. I've probably cosplayed him several times before, but I think many more people knew who I was during AnimeNEXT than in those other cons.

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone that went to the Vocaloid and Sword Art Online gatherings on Saturday. This was only my second and third time hosting a gathering. Even during gatherings, I have a tough time interacting with people because of my timidness. Really, the only time I could interact is if other people approach me. This is why I've decided to host as many gatherings as I can during cons. I'm glad things went well during those gatherings. Sure, there were some times where I lost control, but things did end up fine at the end. This gives me some confidence for the next gatherings I have to host: Vocaloid and SAO gatherings in Anime Expo!
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