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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
Taobao is eBay for China. You actually need a chinese bank account to order there, or use an agent that makes the purchase for you, then ships the merchandise to you once they receive it for a commission fee.

A cosplayer I follow (OwlDepot) bought her Ymir cosplay from a user named 'CosSky' on there -- and from the pictures she posted, it looks *great*!

(I'm looking into options to order the uniform from there as well --- I might just end up order the Ymir version men-sized and ditching the shirt for the version Jean has, or the Eren version --- but I really want the scouting legion jacket).
Ah I see! I did some research and I think I'll use
and that's good! cause I've been eyeing alot of things haha.

ooh yeah I was looking at the sasha jacket cause I'd also rather be part of the scouting legion. possibly also the cape.
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