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Originally Posted by KatTehninja View Post
I've heard of Anime Apocalypse and Kollision and I want to go! Where are they held? Just random hotels?
I'm in need of a November con because between Acen and AMKE, there's nothing, and that's a whole 8 monthish span of no cons ahah.
Anime Apocalypse may be a bit too far unless you're willing to make a drive. This year will be it's second year and it will be in Rockford, IL. Killision Con in November is held in Rosemont this year at the Crowne Plaza. I think Kollision is in the 4th or 5th year now. Domocon in December is held at a hotel out in Lisle, IL and that will be the 3rd or 4th year.

Also if you need another Summer con nearby, Anime Midwest is held in Rosemont, IL in July lol. I'm on my test out every con nearby to see which ones I really like XD
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