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Wow thanks everybody! I never expected anybody to actually reply lol.

@NerdAtHeart: I'm doing most of that! Except the veggies/fruits bit. I find that if I eat fruit, especially apples, I start feeling hungry within 10 minutes... any ideas on that part? I don't want to avoid fruit since they're a better alternative to snacking on chocolates but... hahaha...

@Bovice: hmm haven't tried that jello stuff yet, I'll look into it one of these days. How do you know if you've drunk too much water though? In the mornings I try to get through 1L of water but it makes me really full and I don't want to cut down on breakfast either...

@emmisu: omg I'm hopeless I'd just eat the brownie in one sitting and... eat more in the week lol. My willpower is so weak it's shameful XD

@SaphhireDreams: Definitely! Yogurt is one of my favourite desserts, only it's so expensive... haha...

@Captain Kaiba: My sense of willpower is pretty strong in all other aspects except this... so I thought, if I get into cosplaying, I'll be putting more pressure on myself to get into proper shape lol. It's hard for me to keep track of calories though... I don't know why... maybe it's because I eat too much weird snacks o.o

@Rex Surrection: Not such a big fan of artificial sweeteners, but I like green tea on its own! Yeah I'm still battling with myself whether or not I should eat that cookie in the cupboard... :<

@Boreotheria: It was easy when I lived by myself but now I'm living with family it's hard to keep sweets out of the house because not everybody is on diet... D I'm getting calories, oh yes I am (definitely lol) I'm pretty sure it's just the extra snacks lol.

If anybody is interested, I'm trying to cosplay from Attack on the Titans, so... better trim down some fat and bulk up some muscle if I want to look good in those buckles and belts! Well it's mostly fat... I have a descent amount of muscle that you can't see because all my layers of fat are in the way... /cry
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