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Originally Posted by Bovice View Post
Another tip. Avoid going to the Asian market and buying a large box of Mochi...

gets me every damn time.
On a related note, never EVER shop when you're hungry. It could lead to buying unhealthy foods or foods you simply wouldn't have bought if you came to the supermarket when you weren't hungry.

@dooork The fact that you are asking people is a step in the right direction. You seem to be listening to what people have to say and that's fantastical.

MyFitnessPal has a pretty large database of food for calorie counting. Even if the food isn't there, there's a Quick-Add Calories section you can use in a pinch; the only problem with that is you might not remember exactly what it was you ate.

Do keep in mind though, that calorie counting isn't for everyone - even though MFP makes it easier, some people find it too stressful and I can definitely understand that considering there are people who tell you to log every single thing you put in your mouth, whether it be a stick of sugar-free gum or a single blueberry.

For me, I eat apple slices with one or two tablespoons of peanut butter or soy nut butter. It's more filling than fruit by itself and I agree with you that fruit by itself isn't usually very filling.

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