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Whoa you guys are awesome! I feel like if I check the fitness forums everyday I can actually get enough motivation to see myself through my goal lol.

@Bovice: ahhaa mochis... I'm lucky enough to be poor so I can't afford those things. I happen to be a Chinese living away from home (we have ricecakes that are like mochis lol) and I crave them so badly, but... yeah. Too expensive out here :<

@Captain Kaiba: That's a really good idea actually! I find that I buy less if I'm shopping on a full stomach, it makes me crave the junk food a lot less. Yeah I'm open to all ideas atm because I might as well shut up and listen to what others have to say lol.
I've gotten a myfitnesspal account and looking at seeing what they're offering. It looks pretty cool at the moment! I might not count calories all the time, but! It's nice to keep it up just for a week or two just to see if I'm actually cutting any at all lol.

@belligerent: me all the time lol. Hence I am always tempted to eat more.

@DiabolicKei: Yesterday I caved in and bought a hot chocolate... I've a feeling that junk food isn't going to leave me alone unless I eat some of it from time to time...
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