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Originally Posted by Ginkumo01 View Post
I'm actually shocked that there are people in Alabama that cosplay lol. I live in Jasper AL, and the people who live here and the surrounding areas, usually verbally lash out at me at any sign of me liking anything but football and hunting. I've noticed this thread is kinda old, and I didn't
really read all of it, but if anyone here would like to get together and share cosplay ideas please let me know. I'm new to it and my only source of information is the Internet. I'm currently working on a Sith costume from Star Wars, but I'm open to other ideas. I'm also jumping into the con thing. I attended the Phoenix Festival in Birmingham, and am going to Dragon*con 2013. Hope to hear from someone
I know how that is! None of my friends that live close by are into cosplaying or anime and the only time I ever feel like I fit in is when I'm at a convention. XD It would be so cool to share cosplay ideas and such! o: That sounds like an awesome cosplay!! I really want to go to Dragon*Con this year but unfortunately I won't be able to D: I may get to go to AWA but I'm not sure yet XD
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