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What i was saying is the types of plastics your looking for is to dangerous for garage work.
Its great for making light macha.
but once a square inch got through through my chemical suit
and had a full body rash for 3 weeks. (kinda sucked)
What do you think would it have been like if it had got through my mask and into my lungs?
The fun part is you have to throw away and seal each suit after every use.
Ive worked in plastics manufacturers for a while and know a bit about them.
But if ya get a ~2k in dispersal and safety equipment its some good stuff.
Not so much a hospital trip.
There are plenty of clues here if your not happy with my opinion
and im sure someone would be willing to sell it to ya
provided its not to a residential address
as they typically are division 6.1.

good times to all
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