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Originally Posted by KatTehninja View Post
I may check out Kollision con, then. Rosemont is the perfect distance.
I was thinking about Anime Midwest but it was too close to Acen and I don't have the funds ahah. Also, it's fourth of July weekend so I'm already busy then.
I do that too! I've narrowed it down to Acen, AMKE, and possibly one in between.
What cons do you frequent?
Too bad you can't make Anime Midwest, because the con is starting to become really big. I think it's the second largest anime convention in Illinois.

Kollision was awful last year, but it fell on Thanksgiving weekend so I blame that. The year before it was a lot of fun though! Also before they moved to Rosemont they were about 25 minutes from my house so no problems getting there I think I'm only going to that just Saturday unless they have really good guest there.

If you're looking for something between, maybe give Domocon a shot too if you have transportation. It's going to be the first year, but it's run by the people who do Anime Midwest. Lol, it's about 10 minutes from my house XD

Lol, as for cons I go to. I really overdid myself the past year. I was literally trying to check out EVERY con within 1 hour from me XD I went to

Acen - The con I always have to go to, and is my main con
Anime Midwest - Went for the first time last year and LOVED it!
Anime World Chicago - Well, that's gone now, lol
Kollision Con - Sucked last year, but it was close by
Anime Apocalypse - Drove like 1 and a half hour everyday to go there. Was a small first year con, but it was pretty cool. Did an epic Gangnam Style on stage while they were deciding winners for the Cosplay Contest XD
AMKE - First time going and first out of state con for me!
Karoshi-con - Small college con at NIU out in Dekalb, IL. Was more fun than I expected, and free
C2E2 - First comic con I have ever been to. Was kind of underwhelming for me. Not as many cosplayers compared to anime cons

I'm planning on going to Ramencon also for a day this year, lol. I keep hearing good things about it, and there's guest I want to meet XD I may also do Soycon for a day to check it out, but that's more of a gathering than a con. It's a BIG maybe right now though. Figure I should do as many cons while I'm still young enough ^.^
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