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Hello Cosplay? Goodbye Cosplay!

Not a very good experience with HelloCosplay. I'm more upset with their lack of accountability than the fact the sent me the wrong wig. I ordered 2 wigs from them, one measured fine, the second was 2 inches shorter than advertised. I had plenty of time before I needed them so figured, let me contact them and get it fixed. They insisted they sent me the right wig, and that I was measuring wrong. I measured both wigs the same way! I sent pictures and measurements. The wigs come to you with no packaging(except a plastic bag), no item number, and an invoice that says "wig". So there is no way to prove you received the wrong item. They were extremely condescending, and acted as if they do no wrong. I went through a series of emails. They offered me a 10% refund or for me to send the wig back (I would have to pay return shipping). I didn't think it was fair for me to shell out the $20 to return ship (and their lack of accountability made me wonder if I would actually get my money back, also, I didn't want 10% off an item I did not order). I eventually had to file a Paypal claim (which they did not respond to). Paypal refunded me. If you go on trustpilot there is a bunch of other reviews saying they have problems with measuring, and Hellocosplay's responses give you a good idea as to how lacking their customer service is. I would NOT order from them. They may look like they have nice stuff, but they are impossible to work with and you are taking a risk as to receiving what you ordered. If you do order, please note returns of their mistakes are your financial responsibility.
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