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Originally Posted by KatTehninja View Post
Well you're close to all of those cons! Lucky you! Those cons may be doable if I can get something in with my friend's friend, because he travels to cons all over the midwest and has done so for years! Oh god, how did you have the funds for all of those? Well I guess you're close, so you don't really have to stay in hotels. Did you like AMKE? It's the only con I HAVE to go to, besides Acen. I was disappointed that they weren't able to do Anime World Chicago anymore. Last year I couldn't go and I wanted to go this year.
Yeah do as many as you can as long as you have the opportunity to! Ahhh, Illinois would be the perfect place to be con location wise. You're such a lucky duck.
Haha, I work full time so cost wasn't too much of a problem. Also not staying at hotel helps a lot! Although I'm staying at the hotel for Anime Midwest for some reason...From 2008-2010 I only did Acen though. I started expanding in 2011 (went to 3 cons), and this past year has just been trying everything out because I want to cosplay XD Only real far one so far was AMKE and Anime Apocalypse, and still it was just gas money. I'm hoping to go to AMKE either the full weekend or just one day again next year, but that's a while away! Hopefully you're able to do more conventions once you're around here. Rosemont is at least easy enough for you to get to from Chicago. The rest you may need a car :/

Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
I live in WI but I can easily take Amtrak to any conventions that are right in downtown Chicago (or I could also drive, it's like a 1.5hr drive, so not too bad). I am wondering though if there are ever any cosplay meetups outside of conventions in downtown Chicago. I couldn't find any Chicago cosplay groups on FB and I found that to be kinda odd since Chicago is a large city and even in Boston (where I go to college) there are a few cosplay FB groups and meetups every week and that is a much smaller city I think.
There are a few meetups that I hear about every now and then, but I never go. Usually they're at Navy Pier. Then there's Soycon which is pretty much a meetup also lol. Besides that, just lots of cons
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