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[quote=dx7879;4698536]Haha, I work full time so cost wasn't too much of a problem. Also not staying at hotel helps a lot! Although I'm staying at the hotel for Anime Midwest for some reason...From 2008-2010 I only did Acen though. I started expanding in 2011 (went to 3 cons), and this past year has just been trying everything out because I want to cosplay XD Only real far one so far was AMKE and Anime Apocalypse, and still it was just gas money. I'm hoping to go to AMKE either the full weekend or just one day again next year, but that's a while away! Hopefully you're able to do more conventions once you're around here. Rosemont is at least easy enough for you to get to from Chicago. The rest you may need a car :/

Yeah that definitely helps! I'm currently out of a job, but starting up commissions and miscellaneous selling on etsy and such, so it's kind of difficult to collect cash moneys ahah. I feel like as long as you're cosplaying it's totally justified to have a hotel room! That way you can put all your shit in there and go back whenever you want to repair or you feel uncomfortable or want to shower out of your wig hair, etc. :3 AMKE is totally worth the drive, yo. Yes yes, Illinois seems like the hot spot for cons, or at least the centerpoint of the ones I want to go to. I may have a car but I'm sure I'll be able to get there by train or mooch a ride :3
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