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Originally Posted by dx7879 View Post
There are a few meetups that I hear about every now and then, but I never go. Usually they're at Navy Pier. Then there's Soycon which is pretty much a meetup also lol. Besides that, just lots of cons
Do you know of any FB groups for Illinois meet ups that I could maybe join?
I will most likely go to Soycon, just trying to get to as many conventions/meetups out here as possible because I'm new to this region of the US and want to start getting to know the cosplayers out here

Originally Posted by Marbleyes View Post
There's always something to do in Illinois. People plan small meet ups all the time. They'll be at small parks or local malls often times.

I'll be attending Anime Midwest this year, Soy-con, maybe Kollision and Domo Con.

Gah! SweenyTodd, I have to meet you! xDD Sorry. I love your Jack cosplay, I think it's brilliant!
If they're small meetups that means that they are local cosplayers who probably all know each other very well right? Driving 1.5hrs for me for tiny meetups might not be a thing I want to do, especially if everyone already knows each other very very well. I'm kinda awkward when joining small groups of people lol
If I remember properly, I think DomoCon is kinda far for me, but I will definitely be going to AnimeMidwest Friday and Saturday and Soycon probably on Saturday.
Haha thank you very much! I will be wandering everywhere at AnimeMidwest so it is very likely that you will run into me. Who will you be cosplaying? I'll keep an eye out for you

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