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Originally Posted by KatTehninja View Post
Yeah that definitely helps! I'm currently out of a job, but starting up commissions and miscellaneous selling on etsy and such, so it's kind of difficult to collect cash moneys ahah. I feel like as long as you're cosplaying it's totally justified to have a hotel room! That way you can put all your shit in there and go back whenever you want to repair or you feel uncomfortable or want to shower out of your wig hair, etc. :3 AMKE is totally worth the drive, yo. Yes yes, Illinois seems like the hot spot for cons, or at least the centerpoint of the ones I want to go to. I may have a car but I'm sure I'll be able to get there by train or mooch a ride :3
I usually do one cosplay a day, so no worries about changing. I usually just keep whatever I may need in my car for cons, lol. Also haven't needed a wig yet, so no worries about th hair XD Luckily the major cons are in Rosemont which is convenient for people in Chicago to just take a train in. Still nice to have a car to go back and forth places to though...Domocon sounds promising if if you need a winter con, but it's out in the suburbs. There is a train station probably about 10 minute drive from the location though. Luckily I live like about 10 minutes or so from the place it's held too ^.^

Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
Do you know of any FB groups for Illinois meet ups that I could maybe join?
I will most likely go to Soycon, just trying to get to as many conventions/meetups out here as possible because I'm new to this region of the US and want to start getting to know the cosplayers out here
I actually don't know of any groups that's IL specific, but I usually have other con friends who get invited to these meetups, who in turn invite me. I haven't gone to any, especially since most of them are REALLY small. I keep it specifically to actual conventions now, but there's at least a lot of smaller cheaper ones around
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