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Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
I live in WI but I can easily take Amtrak to any conventions that are right in downtown Chicago (or I could also drive, it's like a 1.5hr drive, so not too bad). I am wondering though if there are ever any cosplay meetups outside of conventions in downtown Chicago. I couldn't find any Chicago cosplay groups on FB and I found that to be kinda odd since Chicago is a large city and even in Boston (where I go to college) there are a few cosplay FB groups and meetups every week and that is a much smaller city I think.
There's Cosplay Chicago on Facebook that I joined recently, it's a very active group and they're pretty interesting. They've been doing a lot of partnerships with Reedpop which runs C2E2 and have been getting increasingly bigger along side.

Well, the gatherings are kept to a very minimal amount using invite only so as to keep it from getting out of hand, or so I hear. There was a gathering that was while invite only had exploded to the point where Navy Pier personnel had to intervene. This to me says that if there are gathering that are made public, it could explode to the size of a small con.

A friend of mine goes to these small furry gatherings that happen near or around Chicago, I'm sure there are more it's just you gotta be in the know.

As for C2E2, I've been going since they started and while the cosplays were fewer than anime conventions, a lot of them were more craftier and varied. If the costume contest continues to be sponsored there'll be a higher level of skills to come.
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