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Hi guys, we're still working hard on everything. I'm very sorry for the lack of updates, I had a death in the family and was pretty much MIA for a couple of weeks on account of it.

One of the problems with showing new features is that we're using a very barebones design for it so that we can concentrate on the functionality before adding all of the design onto it. So, features work but are difficult to express in screenshots, as the discussion would likely turn into how simple it looks. (Though simple is a good thing as it's much easier to use) But what I'll do is put some stuff together this weekend and early next week in order to try and show how far things are progressing.

Just a few things that are finished or almost finished since I posted last: New photo uploader, expanded costumes section, series tagging for costumes and photos, front-end news section with sub-sections for each country, a more streamlined forum system, better private messaging, and journals. Once a couple of other things are done we're tying it all into a kick-ass profile system and beta testing the progress so far.
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