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Originally Posted by Laurihime09 View Post
Hello!!! I'm also a noob to gencon, going as well with my fiance and his friends. They've been 2 years now but they've never done any cosplay!!! O_o I'm trying to convince them to do something together, I'm the sewing diva in my circle of friends and i have no problem making the outfits, but what to make???

also do people wear costumes on days other than the costume contest?


I've seen people wear costumes everyday of the con, but there are more on the day of the contest. Only a small number enter the contest because there isn't much room. They have a costume parade before the contest. Anyone in the contest and anyone in costume can be a part of the parade. At least that is the way it seemed two years ago. Every aspect of costume is represented on stage and in the halls. I've seen Anime through Video Games. Steampunk is there but I don't think I've ever seen Japanese street fashion like Lolita etc.
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