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Cosplayers in the UK!!

I am starting a cosplay group in the UK and I was wondering if any one was interested in joining, it is for any cosplay really, Vocaloid, Tokyo Mew Mew, Elfen Lied, Higurashi, Black Butler, Pandora Hearts, K-ON!! The Legend of Zelda and more! We could have a cosplay shoot in London and go to CamCon or Hyper Japan in Christmas [I can't go this year because I'm on holiday, :{ sorry!] age ranges would be from 11-14, I may expand the age ranges, depending on how many people want to join, I usually cosplay alone, I did have a cosplay group but we broke up because something happened and we don't talk much anymore, but oh well! My other friend liked anime, but she doesn't anymore [how can she not??] and if you do want to join just comment!! Any more anime suggestions to cosplay? Comment!! Thank you!

From Vocaloid I have a lot of wigs! I have Rin, Luka, Gumi and SF-A2 Miki, I can get more wigs though, I have the Melt cosplay and matryoshka cosplay, but I really want to do other cosplays as well! And I bought the Luka wig with my old cosplay gang, but now I'm Rin and Gumi, don't know what I'm ganna do with the other wigs, if you cosplay Miki or Luka you can burrow my wigs!

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