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Hayley Elise
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So I've just had my first experience with PAX, yay, and it was both amazing and horrifying. It took so long to put on - I think the only way that can be fixed is through waking up earlier.

I did encounter a few problems so I reckon I'll have to do a few more tests before I wear it again.
I had a real problem with the paint rubbing off in my armpits as you can see perfect little triangles here -
I also had the paint on my fingers begin to flake off almost immediately, as you can see in the image as well. I got a few little tears in the paint towards the end of the day, although I suppose this is only to be expected considering my poses included a lot of stretching.

I did three coats over most of my body but was running out of time whilst doing my hands, so I only did two there, though I don't see why that would have contributed to such drastic flaking. I feel it was something to do with the proportions, most likely. My mix was probably about 60:40 PA to paint, though I didn't measure it out properly, haha.
What does everyone recommend trying out next to avoid this flaking/sweating off of the PAX?
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