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Originally Posted by L-nay View Post
I can't say I'm the best person to give advice since I still struggle with acne on a daily basis, but honestly, everything depends on your own body.

I've learned that treatments with benzoyl peroxide have really helped my skin, but I have to be careful with it on because it can bleach fabrics.

You have to be careful, too, about using too many chemicals if you have sensitive skin. My sister has sensitive skin and has to be careful about not drying out her skin. She learned that washing her face and putting on too many other treatments with salicylic acid made her acne worse than if she sticks to a normal face wash morning and night.

I have yet to actually try this method, but I have heard green tea is supposed to be really good at reducing acne. Just apply a green tea bag, after brewing, to the areas needed.
Yeah I've learned that about benzoyl peroxide lol, and I'm going to try a face wash. Just wash with soap and water every morning and night? And I did try the green tea trick this early morning actually for the first time and it does look a tiny bit better.
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