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Originally Posted by abyssofthesoul View Post
Don't have any advice regarding the issues above, but on the topic of remover:

I got a 10 oz bottle of creamy baby oil from the $1 store, lathered it on over the PAX and just let it soak in for about 20-30 minutes. Afterwards it barely took much hard scrubbing at all to get it off. For some areas I did need to do it a second time - but still didn't have to scrub harshly to get off.

I fully suggest trying this because not only does it get the PAX off easily, it makes your skin reeeeeally soft.
I'll have to try this next time. I ended up buying a bathroom scrubbing brush with hard bristles and scrubbed the crap out of my body to get everything off. Ya... that definitely hurt.

As for my own review of the product, I ended up buying the Pros Aide II for my Harley Quinn makeup. It took forever to put on, so I would highly recommend having a friend, or two, or maybe five, all helping you apply it if you're doing at least half of your body. My main issues were anywhere I would sweat a lot. I couldn't manage to get my hands to work at all. Within ten minutes, my palms were peeling. I'm really not sure how to fix the issue with my hands. My armpits started peeling early on as well, but at least they're fairly hidden. My face started to crack at the end of the day after lots of smiling and talking, but was easily fixable with touch-up paint. For removal, I purchased an adhesive remover for pros aide. Unfortunately, the remover didn't really work at all. I ended up just busting out a hard bristled brush and some body soap to get it all off.
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