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Originally Posted by mewtwo2222 View Post
So I've just had my first experience with PAX, yay, and it was both amazing and horrifying. It took so long to put on - I think the only way that can be fixed is through waking up earlier.

I did encounter a few problems so I reckon I'll have to do a few more tests before I wear it again.
I had a real problem with the paint rubbing off in my armpits as you can see perfect little triangles here -
I also had the paint on my fingers begin to flake off almost immediately, as you can see in the image as well. I got a few little tears in the paint towards the end of the day, although I suppose this is only to be expected considering my poses included a lot of stretching.

I did three coats over most of my body but was running out of time whilst doing my hands, so I only did two there, though I don't see why that would have contributed to such drastic flaking. I feel it was something to do with the proportions, most likely. My mix was probably about 60:40 PA to paint, though I didn't measure it out properly, haha.
What does everyone recommend trying out next to avoid this flaking/sweating off of the PAX?
Hands just flex and rub against things too much. Almost nothing stays on. When required, I'll try to use Alcohol Activated makeup on hands instead. Otherwise, you just need to be super delicate with your hands, and regularly touch-up as needed.

Originally Posted by Myzanaki View Post
Also how well does PAX apply to prosthetics such as latex horns, ear tips, etc (I managed to pick these up for less than 50% original pricing on Halloween clearance)
It works so well that it is what many people use to paint latex pieces in the first place. Just wash the piece off in soapy water first to get off lingering release agent or powder.

Originally Posted by SwordChick View Post
Thanks for all the information in this thread! I was wondering how long pro-aide lasts once it's been opened. I use liquid latex body paint right now but it goes "bad" after a while when it's been exposed to air. The pigments break down and the pure white I bought ends up looking yellow.

Just wondering if anyone's noticed a shelf life for it once the prod-aide has been opened. It would be great to buy a big bottle all at once and save it for various cons.
Liquid latex is fragile stuff. the natural rubbers coagulate on their own easily. Ammonia is added to inhibit this tendency, but for cosmetic liquid latex, they try to kick the ammonia level low, since it is an irritant.

Prosaide is acrylic based. It doesn't have these problems. It can coagulate, particularly if left motionless on a shelf, so the solids have a chance to settle, but I've never personally had this problem. I have a bottle that I bought over 2 years ago (and have done silly things like left in a hot car in the summertime). I just checked it, and it still appears to be perfectly good.

Originally Posted by L-nay View Post
I'll have to try this next time. I ended up buying a bathroom scrubbing brush with hard bristles and scrubbed the crap out of my body to get everything off. Ya... that definitely hurt.

As for my own review of the product, I ended up buying the Pros Aide II for my Harley Quinn makeup. It took forever to put on, so I would highly recommend having a friend, or two, or maybe five, all helping you apply it if you're doing at least half of your body. My main issues were anywhere I would sweat a lot. I couldn't manage to get my hands to work at all. Within ten minutes, my palms were peeling. I'm really not sure how to fix the issue with my hands. My armpits started peeling early on as well, but at least they're fairly hidden. My face started to crack at the end of the day after lots of smiling and talking, but was easily fixable with touch-up paint. For removal, I purchased an adhesive remover for pros aide. Unfortunately, the remover didn't really work at all. I ended up just busting out a hard bristled brush and some body soap to get it all off.
Yeah, the hard-bristle scrubbing method (while I admit, I've done myself when in a hurry) is A Bad Thing. My usual advise is that if you must remove it so quickly and aggressively, then you should be using something other than PAX. But I'm sure you learned your lesson in hindsight.

Getting pretty much...anything to stick to your palms is just about impossible. In the film industry, it is almost only ever done for quick close-up shots. Characters are either designed with natural palms, or they wear gloves or glove-type prosthetics. You can do this too. Get some nice tight fitting nitrile or latex gloves, wash the outside with warm soapy water and let dry, cut off the rolled edge around the wrist, paint it with enamel paints as desired. tack down the edges to the wrist using pros-aide. Stipple the seam with your makeup of choice to camouflage it.
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