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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
Getting pretty much...anything to stick to your palms is just about impossible. In the film industry, it is almost only ever done for quick close-up shots. Characters are either designed with natural palms, or they wear gloves or glove-type prosthetics. You can do this too. Get some nice tight fitting nitrile or latex gloves, wash the outside with warm soapy water and let dry, cut off the rolled edge around the wrist, paint it with enamel paints as desired. tack down the edges to the wrist using pros-aide. Stipple the seam with your makeup of choice to camouflage it.
Oooh this is a great idea, thanks! Why enamel paints, though? I would have thought that they wouldn't dry flexible enough for use on gloves/hands?
And any ideas on the armpit problem? Usually it wouldn't be much of a problem but with cosplaying Wii Fit Trainer I find that way too many of my poses seem to expose my armpits...

Originally Posted by L-nay View Post
My face started to crack at the end of the day after lots of smiling and talking, but was easily fixable with touch-up paint. For removal, I purchased an adhesive remover for pros aide. Unfortunately, the remover didn't really work at all. I ended up just busting out a hard bristled brush and some body soap to get it all off.
I would definitely recommend using a creme makeup for the face and leaving PAX for the neck down, just to avoid the wrinkling and cracking on the face. It does mean touching up every now and then, though. I'd recommend Ben Nye Creme foundations.

Also as far as remover, did you use isopropyl myristate? That was what I was using, and at first didn't feel like it was working. I got real success with it eventually though, I found the easiest thing to do was just massage it all over the bits of me that were painted, leave for about five minutes, then jump in the shower and scrub it off with a regular exfoliating pad
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