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It is the paint that is shiny, next time I'll try and fix that. I kind of rushed with powdering it and I think being a lot more thorough could help a lot (despite being shiny, the paint was totally dry). I'm glad the shading looks alright, though!

As far as the lips, I looked at tons of different Karkat cosplayers and as you said, most just leave them the same tone as the rest of the face. That didn't look very natural to me, which is why I decided to darken them at all in the first place. I just wasn't sure how dark to go, next time I'll try making them darker!

Also it was to my understanding that troll's irises would fade to their blood color as they got older? Since I'm also cosplaying Marshall Lee, I thought it would be a good compromise to go with red eyes for both of them rather than buying two pairs of contacts.

Thanks for the advice! C:
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