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Originally Posted by Admin View Post
I've gotten a couple of messages about that in the past few days. We're moving event forums directly into the event calendar with the update, so that every event automatically has its own sub-forum and you can view all aggregated event threads by country that way as well. This is probably the first thing I'm going to show here, since it's opening up a ton of new features and it's the farthest along.

On Monday when we have full staff here we're going to seed the test calendar with some data so that it's presentable. (I say seed it with data because the development site is just an empty site that we will be porting all of the old data into once we've fully tested it and then move over to it).

Events are getting an absolutely massive update and overhaul and are around 80% complete. Events will include their own forum, info page, news section, gatherings section, photoshoot scheduling as well as gallery and expanded planning functionality.

As for the current Canada forums status, we can move the current forums around a bit on Monday as well since it won't affect anything on the development side, that's not a problem.
Awesome, thanks a bunch for the fast reply!
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