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Definitely stay away from milk, which has a number of hormones your body doesn't need, and if you have sensitive skin like me, face wash for acne treatment can be too harsh and actually cause you to break out more.

I wash my face once a day (at night) with cetaphil cleanser (a gentle cleanser used primarily for washing babies' skin), and then I remove my makeup with a cotton ball covered with extra virgin olive oil (seriously), and then moisturize my skin with a teaspoon or so of organic virgin coconut oil. Both of these oils are natural enough to eat, so of course they'll be good for your skin. They're noncomedogenic (meaning they don't clog pores) and while olive oil doesn't fight acne, coconut oil's infection-fighting properties does. Moisturizer is extremely important, even if your skin is already oily. If you just wash your face and leave it, your skin dries out, and then produces more oil that gives you more zits. Trust me on this, do NOT skip the moisturizer!!

Another tip is to put a dab of raw honey/cinnamon mixture on your zits before going to sleep. Make sure it's raw honey and not that fake honey crap in a bottle shaped like a bear.

After about 10 years now with acne, I've found the more natural treatments are the way to go for me personally. However, if you have one particular monster zit that you need to have GONE in a couple days, I recommend a small dab of Neutrogena's rapid clear gel. It's small and orange and comes in a tube.

Makeup wise, if you wear makeup, get rid of any liquid foundation and stick to a mineral powder. L'Oreal makes one that I like (called True Match) because it provides good coverage, soaks up oil, covers shine and doesn't make me break out.
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