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Again, apologizing for the double post; I don't mean to be annoying. However, we've made a decision: there will actually only be one gathering this year- the Sunday evening one. The reason is mainly due to the popularity of the Sunday shoot and lack thereof for the other two last year. I don't think I'll bother with a Facebook group for this; but I will make an "event" for it and post the link when I do.

I'm thinking of putting the Sunday shoot at 7:30. That's half an hour later than last year, allowing more time for people to get there if the contest runs long again. And unless I hear the Yule Ball is elsewhere this year, it will be in the Sheraton (meet in lobby, move to another indoor location from there same as before). (ETA: The Yule Ball is indeed still in the Sharaton, and still at 8:30pm on Sunday, so having the shoot one hour before in the Shearton should work nicely.)

If my "twin" can manage to finish the magenta robes (the "opening day" outfits from the book), we'll wear those for this. If not, it'll be the shirt-and-tie outfits from last year again.
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