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I'm glad someone started talking about the depressing loss of the SCMB. It really upset me when I went to the site one day to check post updates and it wasn't there anymore. How else are we supposed to organize photoshoots and get-togethers?! I hate that the only way they're suggesting is through Facebook. Facebook is so unorganized it isn't even funny. I'd be fine with if more people used it/knew about it. It just breaks my heart because the forum was really my only way to stay connected to the Sakura Con community. Comparing my first year at SC (having not used the SCMB yet) and my second year at SC (when I first discovered the SCMB) my second year was SOOOOO much more enjoyable because I went already feeling connected to people I hadn't even officially met yet!! I agree with Jason on the point of posting a link to this subforum on the Facebook page and anywhere else we can think of and see what happens! ^_^

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