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Help with this skit please ^_^

My friend's little sister is trying to write short Naruto skits.
Please help her out! Give her some advice, fix something up for her, idk. I have writer's block and can't think of anything
She's only 11 so please don't be overly cruel XD


--Note: Naruto's new Sexy no Jutsu is in sage mode because that's the cosplay one of us is thinking of doing--

Naruto; [In male voice from offstage.] Sexy no Jutsu!

Sasuke; [Walks onstage casually.]

Naruto; [Runs onstage as a girl.] Saaaassuuukkkeeeeeeeeeee!!! [Jumps on top of Sasuke.] Hi!

Sasuke; N-Naruto, what the heck are you doing??!

Naruto; What does it look like? It's my new and improved sage Sexy no Jutsu!

Sasuke; [Sighs.] Get rid of it, dobe, you look ridiculous.

Naruto; Fine... teme. [Stands up and puts fingers together.] Dispel! [Nothing happens.] I-I said dispel! Dispel! Dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel dis--

Sasuke; Narut--

Naruto; SHUT UP, SASUKE! Dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel dispel!!!!! AAARGH STUPID PIECE OF [very long beep as if Naruto's swearing non-stop.]

Sasuke; [Tosses a tampon at Naruto.]

Naruto; ...what is this?

Sasuke; [Waves Naruto over and whispers something in his/her ear.]

Naruto; [Hesitantly puts the tampon in his/her mouth.]

Sasuke; No, not that hole. [Whispers something else in Naruto's ear.]

Naruto; [Screams and throws tampon at Sasuke before running away.]


[Sakura and Ino walk on-stage together while arguing.]

Sakura; I told you, Sasuke-kun wears boxers.

Ino; No, I'm sure he wears briefs.

Sakura; No, it's boxers.

Ino; Briefs!

Sakura; Boxers!

Ino; Large forehead!

Sakura; Ino-pig!

[Hinata walks by the two girls.]

Ino and Sakura; Hinata-chaaan!!

[Hinata squeaks as Ino and Sakura surround her.]

Ino; Hey hey, would you mind doing us a reeaally big favour?

Hinata; Wh-what kind of... favour?

Sakura; We need you to use your Byakugan to see what kind of underwear Sasuke-kun wears. [Points at Sasuke on the other side of the stage, who is minding his own business.]

Hinata; [Squeaks again.] Wh-wha...???

Sakura; Please, Hinata-chan?

Hinata; I-I don't think... I should... [Stares at the ground and plays with her fingers.]

Sakura; We'll help you get Naruto's attention in return!

Hinata; [Looks up.] N-Naruto-kun?

Ino; Yep! You do like him, right?

Hinata; [Considers it for a minute.] O-okay... I guess I could... just take... a quick peek...

Sakura; Yay! Thanks Hinata-chan!

Hinata; [Stares at Sasuke with Byakugan activated. After a few seconds, she blushes deeply and stutters randomly before passing out.]

Ino; H-Hinata-chan..?!

Sakura; Is he really that hot?!

Ino; [Turns to Sakura.] It must be the briefs.

Naruto; Oooooiiii! [Walks casually onstage.] Ino, Sakura-chan, have you seen Sasuke anywhere?

Sakura; Oh, he's right over there. [Points to Sasuke.]

Naruto; Sweet, thanks Sakura-cha-- [Sakura grabs Naruto's ear.] Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Sakura; Naruto, go ask Sasuke what kind of underwear he wears!

Naruto; Okay, okay! Just let go of my ear!

Sakura; [Lets go and pushes Naruto towards Sasuke.]

Naruto; Uhh... teme...?

Sasuke; Yes?

Naruto; Uhmm what kind of.... [Turns back to Ino and Sakura who motion for him to continue. Naruto sighs.] What kind of underwear do you wear?

Sasuke; [Stares at Naruto for a few seconds.] Wouldn't you like to know?

Naruto; J-j-just answer the stupid question!

Sasuke; [Turns and starts to walk away.] I don't bother with any underwear.

[Everybody stares in shock for a few seconds.]

Ino and Sakura; S-Sasuke-kun!!! [Runs offstage, chasing after Sasuke.]

Naruto; H-hey you two wait! [Runs after Ino and Sakura.] Hands off, he's mine!


Yeah soooo again, please be nice if they suck, she's only 11 XD
Advce is greatly appreciated ^_^ arigatou
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