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Originally Posted by Naffisnevercool View Post
I've sort of made my suit so it can switch from the regular Sailor Uranus to Super Sailor Uranus! Sailor scouts are super fun to cosplay and I really can't wait for the new series, and better yet, new merch!
Oooh, that's clever. The main difference is the bows and shoulders, right?

I'm about two seconds away from doing Sailor Jupiter, haha.

NEW MERCH. That hadn't even crossed my mind. want.

Originally Posted by StuckOnAsgard View Post
I didn't go to Sakura Con this year but I was at ECCC and plan on going to Geek Girl Con. I actually am a founding member of an Avengers cosplay group that we are trying to get going. If you are at all interested in meeting up at any events in the area let me know.
I'm planning on going to GeekGirlCon too! Maybe I will see you there, I love Loki! haha.
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