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★~First Cosplay Ideas~★

Although I have been to many a convention, I haven't properly cosplayed at one.
I did throw together a Studio Ghibli Kiki one once last minute but it was nothing impressive so I don't count it~
So I would absolutely love if any of you pros could throw some suggestions my way.

I am attending NYCC in the fall and am interested in trying out cosplay! I worked in the theatre costume shop at school for a year but I am intimidated by altering and creating patterns. However, I am very crafty and artistically inclined so maybe props are more my forte at the moment. I was considering Sailor Mars since Sailor Moon is coming back and its recognizable and not very complicated. I will definitely consider more complicated options for the future but for right now I have to start with baby steps. n_n

This is what I look like, because I can never decide on one photo that seems accurate.

Some extra info:
Hair: currently black approx 4 inches past my shoulders
Height: ~5'5"
Body type: Thin with large chest, and I look younger than I am

And here is a link to My Anime List so you have an idea of what I am interested in, but feel free to suggest new things to me!
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