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You probably won't hate it when your older and you are TRYING to look younger, eh? That's what people always tell me anyway ahha.

A few weeks ago, I went to get my father the Last of Us game for a fathers day present at Gamestop and the guy at the register just looks at me and was like... Are you parents allowing you to get this, do you have permission? And he looks at my dad who came in to pick out a game and I'm all like... Ok, whelp. I'm 21 haha.

I also remember last year when I started a wait staff job at an assistant living home and one of the guys I was serving was like wow, I didn't know they let 12 year olds work here. I was like umm... I'm 19 sir. He was SO shocked, so I knew he wasn't kidding before when he said 12 rofl.

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