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Since your cosplays have to be 80% made by you, you can still get Black Star's shoes online. There are quite a few places that sell tons of clown shoes, and that sell actual clown shoes that look like his. Start and everything..Just look for "clown shoe with star" on google and you should see a bunch. They aren;t "cosplay shoes" so they are higher quality.

Anyway, on the Kusarigami, Making them look metal is going to be pretty hard. But krylon makes this amazing silver spray paint that looks pretty metalish to me. It's the closest I got, but I was also using insulation foam, so it depends on the material you are using as well. There are a few tutorials on how to get a more metal look to props too.

And 3-Swords CEO, do you have the liscencing to do such a thing? Making them in bulk to sell as a vendor, the creators and whatnot have to actually give you permission that you can show in a court of law, that you are allowed to reproduce them in that fashion
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